Product list of switching diode

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About switching diode
What is a switching diode?
A switching diode is a two-terminal electronic component that allows current to flow in one direction only. It is primarily used in electronic circuits for switching applications.
How does a switching diode work?
A switching diode works by having a specific forward voltage drop called the threshold voltage. When the voltage across the diode exceeds this threshold voltage, it begins to conduct current in the forward direction. In the reverse direction, it acts as an insulator.
What are the applications of switching diodes?
Switching diodes have various applications such as signal modulation, data processing, waveform shaping, and in switching power supplies.
What is the difference between a switching diode and a regular diode?
The main difference between a switching diode and a regular diode is their speed of operation. Switching diodes are specifically designed for high-speed switching applications, while regular diodes are used for general-purpose rectification.
Can switching diodes handle high currents?
Switching diodes are typically designed to handle low to moderate currents. If you need to switch high currents, you may need to consider using other diode types or devices specifically designed for high-current switching.
What is the maximum voltage a switching diode can handle?
The maximum voltage a switching diode can handle depends on its specifications. It is important to check the datasheet for the specific diode you are using to determine its maximum voltage rating.