Product list of mechanical pressure gauge

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About mechanical pressure gauge
What is a mechanical pressure gauge?
A mechanical pressure gauge is a device used to measure the pressure of a fluid (liquid or gas). It consists of a spring mechanism that deforms under pressure, which in turn moves a pointer on a dial to indicate the pressure reading.
How does a mechanical pressure gauge work?
Mechanical pressure gauges utilize the deformation of a spring due to applied pressure to display the pressure reading. When pressure is applied, the spring inside the gauge compresses or expands, transferring the force to a mechanical linkage that moves the pointer on the dial, providing an indication of the pressure.
What are the advantages of using a mechanical pressure gauge?
Some advantages of mechanical pressure gauges include their simplicity, reliability, and durability. They do not require a power source for operation and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, mechanical pressure gauges often provide direct and accurate readings.
Where are mechanical pressure gauges commonly used?
Mechanical pressure gauges are widely used in various industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, automotive, HVAC, and process control. They are commonly found in applications where monitoring and controlling pressure is critical.
What are the different types of mechanical pressure gauges?
There are several types of mechanical pressure gauges available, including Bourdon tube gauges, diaphragm gauges, capsule gauges, and helical gauges. These gauges differ in their construction and application suitability.