Product list of idler wheel

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About idler wheel
What is an idler wheel?
An idler wheel is a wheel that does not transmit power, but instead spins freely to guide or support a belt, chain, or other moving component.
What is the purpose of an idler wheel?
The purpose of an idler wheel is to maintain proper tension and alignment of the moving component it supports, preventing slippage, reducing wear, and ensuring smooth operation.
What are some common applications of idler wheels?
Idler wheels are commonly used in various machinery and equipment such as conveyor systems, printing equipment, agricultural machinery, automotive engines, and industrial equipment.
What are the different types of idler wheels?
There are various types of idler wheels designed for specific applications, including flat idler wheels, v-groove idler wheels, flanged idler wheels, and double flanged idler wheels.
What factors should be considered when selecting an idler wheel?
When selecting an idler wheel, factors such as load capacity, speed, bearing type, materials used, operating conditions, and compatibility with the moving component should be considered.
How do idler wheels differ from drive wheels?
Unlike idler wheels, drive wheels are designed to transmit power and provide motion to the system. Idler wheels, on the other hand, simply guide or support the moving component without transmitting power.