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About extension socket
What is a product extension socket?
A product extension socket is a device that allows multiple electronic devices to be connected to a single power outlet.
How many devices can be connected to an extension socket?
The number of devices that can be connected to an extension socket depends on the specific model. Some sockets allow for 4 devices to be connected, while others can accommodate up to 8 or more.
What are the benefits of using an extension socket?
Using an extension socket allows you to increase the number of available power outlets, making it easier to connect multiple devices in one location. It also helps in organizing cables and reducing clutter.
Are extension sockets safe to use?
Yes, extension sockets are safe to use when used properly. It is important to not overload the socket with more devices than it is designed to handle and to avoid using damaged sockets.
Can extension sockets handle high-powered devices?
Yes, there are extension sockets available that are designed to handle high-powered devices such as refrigerators or air conditioners. These sockets are usually labeled as suitable for high wattage devices.
What is surge protection in extension sockets?
Surge protection is a feature present in some extension sockets that protects connected devices from voltage spikes or power surges. This helps in safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment.
Can extension sockets be used outdoors?
Some extension sockets are specifically designed for outdoor use and are weatherproof. However, it is important to check the specifications of the socket to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use.
What is the maximum length of the extension cord in an extension socket?
The maximum length of the extension cord in an extension socket can vary depending on the model. Some sockets have built-in cords of 6 feet or longer, while others have shorter cords or no cords at all.
Are there extension sockets with USB ports?
Yes, there are extension sockets available with built-in USB ports. These ports allow you to directly charge devices such as smartphones or tablets without the need for separate chargers.
Can extension sockets be daisy-chained?
It is generally not recommended to daisy-chain extension sockets. Connecting one extension socket to another can increase the risk of overloading the electrical circuit and may cause overheating or fire hazards.