Product list of crossing marking machine

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About crossing marking machine
What is a crossing marking machine?
A crossing marking machine is a device used to create and apply road markings, such as lines and symbols, on the surface of the road.
How does a crossing marking machine work?
A crossing marking machine typically uses a combination of paint and thermal or cold plastic to create road markings. It is equipped with a spray gun or extrusion system that applies the marking material onto the road surface.
What are the benefits of using a crossing marking machine?
Using a crossing marking machine ensures clear and durable road markings, improving road safety by providing guidance to drivers. It also helps regulate traffic flow and enhances the overall appearance of the road.
What types of road markings can a crossing marking machine create?
A crossing marking machine can create various road markings, including center lines, edge lines, turn lane arrows, pedestrian crosswalks, stop lines, and other traffic symbols and signs.
Are crossing marking machines suitable for all types of roads?
Yes, crossing marking machines can be used on different types of roads, such as highways, city streets, parking lots, and airports.
What are the differences between thermal and cold plastic marking materials?
Thermal plastic is heated to a molten state before application and provides thick, durable markings. Cold plastic is applied at ambient temperature and offers quicker drying time and good adhesion on various surfaces.