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flaw detector, portable x ray flaw detector, mobile x ray machine, real-time imaging system, x ray crawl device

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Dandong XinLi Flaw detector Factory is a collective nature of enterprise ,which is specilizing in NDT equipment ,is one of strongly supported by countryThe company was established in 1985 ,and has vast experience of producing x ray flaw detectors for 30 years ,capital strength of enterprise,production capacity,technological level and turnover occupy leading position at presentThe company succesfully passed GB/T19022.1ISO10012-1<measuring system of measure equipment> , then won international certification ISO9001:2000<quality management system>;in 2003 through the approval of provincial technology quality supervision bureau audit, Which firstly obtain product verification of qualification for ex works in the industrial field ,then awarded the title of"Liaoning Province paying attention to contracts and keeping promise enterprise",moreover,got AAA grade credit and other glorious title about "Dandong City paying attention to contracts and keeping promise corporations"Since our company was set up ,we is the first place to succesfully research control system under computer participate in system control,developed testing device to iron tube without blind area ,DC x ray flaw detector,x-ray digital radiographic imaging on-line examinational system. And closed refrigeration type cooling systemAt present our products have formed five major series and more than 40 varieties, annual production capacity is up to above 500 sets. And Wide range of product application can test metal,non metal,light metal,until weld seam and at even above hundreds of mm thickness of heavy iron steel component. Which is suitable for space,aviation,war industry,shipbuilting,petroleum,chemical industry,electric power,boiler,pressure vessel,automobile making,nuck industry etc special industry.engineering and technology development department consist of professional engineering technological personnel,who offer you technology support and guarantee so that you have the leading technology and quality first-class equipment Efficient technological consultation and after-sales service offer you strong support and service so that the clients who are using our products receive high quality service in any place.Since XinLi Flaw Detector Factory has been set up for 30 years , any of fake and inferior has never leaving the factory, any of quality accident and service dispute have never occured High level products and first-class after-sales service gain dometic users trust, in the meantime also aquire credit from same industry abroad
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Liaoning, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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flaw detector, portable x ray flaw detector, mobile x ray machine, real-time imaging system, x ray crawl device
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