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Shandong Fangding Safety Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is one of most professional manufacturer of laminated glass production line and TPU film/EVA film. Fangding is the model enterprise in glass machinery processing industry and the sponsor of technical innovation for laminated glass machine With 13 years experience in glass deep processing, focusing on researching laminated glass machine, providing top grade product and service, creating more value for our customers.Initially, Laminated glass machine was introduced to China, the product yield of laminating glass was very low. To solve this problem, we have done lots of technical study and research and finally get great break. At present, we adopt Germany technology, carbon fiber heating system, temperature inside the furnace is equal, temperature difference do not exceed 2 degree, that ensures production yield up to 99%. Moreover, production could be completed automatically. Based on reliable quality and professional service, our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, sales volume keeps No.1 in recent 5 years in China. At the beginning of 2013, Fangding introduced into TPU film production line, it is the fourth line in the world, and fills blank market of TPU bulletproof film in China. Our production line can produce TPU film, NEW PVB film and EVA film. Fangding film features high strength, super transparency, strong weatherability, long service life and easy storage, etc. The max width of our TPU film can reach 2500mm, it is the widest TPU film in the world. Laminated glass with TPU film has passed the strict test of China Constructive Material Certification Group, each item is much better than national standard, and get CCC certificate easily.Fangding is ISO9001-2008 certificated, and laminated glass production line is the first one to get CE certificate in China. Laminated glass machine and interlayer film are exported to more than 60 countries and regions, America,Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Mongolia, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Being a leading enterprise in laminating glass deep processing, Fangding is your reliable partner.
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Shandong, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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Laminated Glass Machine, EVA film
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