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EPS recycling vehicle, Polystyrene recycling vehicle, EPS recovery processor

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Ziyang Xicheng renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd. was founded in January 12, 2018. It is located in Hou Jia Ping Industrial Park, Yanjiang District, Ziyang. It is a resource recycling enterprise mainly using waste foam as the main raw material and producing polystyrene regenerated particles. It also provides environment-friendly mobile waste foam collection vehicles for traditional small workshops, promotes transformation and upgrading of small workshops, improves industry competitiveness and reduces environmental pollution.Xicheng regenerated Qian Ming An foam processing plant has been deep ploughing and recycling foam processing industry for more than twenty years. For the rapid development of the enterprise, Xi Chen regeneration company was re established. Xichen regeneration has three production lines and a number of environmental protection equipment. The design capacity of the three production lines is 10000 tons / year. The product polystyrene recycled particles (hereinafter referred to as PS) are mainly used to produce building thermal insulation materials, advertising boards, picture frames, lines, electrical shell, etc., with an annual output value of more than 80 million yuan and a tax of several million yuan.In order to solve the problem of waste foam recovery, Chen Chen regeneration and innovation, independent research and development of waste plastics recycling technology, combined with Nan Jun Group, successfully developed environmentally friendly waste foam collection vehicle, can improve the recovery efficiency of waste foam more than 8 times, and waste foam volume compression of more than 98%. A car is a mobile waste foam recycling plant. Improving the efficiency of waste foam recovery and reducing the cost of recycling is a good tool to promote industrial upgrading of waste foam recovery industry. While reducing the cost and increasing efficiency, we can raise the recovery price of the waste foam, and let the people more voluntarily pick up the waste foam, which will help to raise the recovery rate of the waste foam by more than 30%. The environmental waste foam collection vehicle has been put on record by the Ministry of industrys special vehicle. The record name is "material crushing vehicle". The vehicle is equipped with an environmental protection purification device, and through the third partys environmental monitoring to meet the standard, the franchisee can carry out legitimate business operations, no longer pollute the environment, standardize the industry standard, and reduce the number of scattered pollution.Enterprises are duty bound to protect the environment. More than 240 environmental waste foam collection vehicles have been put into operation in China, and the semi-finished products they have been processed are recycled, centralized and unified processing mode, which has made quick classification and rapid pretreatment of waste foam, greatly shortening the recovery cycle of waste foam, reducing the cost of recovery, ensuring the quality of raw materials, and effectively solving the traditional low efficiency, high energy consumption and high pollution processing methods. Taking the lead in breaking the current situation of polluting environment, endangering health and wasting resources caused by disorderly operation of domestic waste bubbles, leading the industry to take the road of green development.
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EPS recycling vehicle, Polystyrene recycling vehicle, EPS recovery processor
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