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expansion joint, Carborundum stair nosing, aluminum entrance mat, movement control joint, balustrade

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Nanjing Meishuo was Founded in 2000 in China and has more than 20 years experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of building expansion joint system (floor, wall and ceiling, roof), Movement joint, Aluminum Entrance Mat, non slip Stair Nosing, Aluminum Skirting Board and so on.Our expanded new factory is located in Anhui, and covers an area of 33,333 square meters.Our joints are made of the materials strictly correspond the international standards. We believe that quality is the soul of our company.MEISHUO has been responsible for almost every major expansion joint cover innovation in commercial construction and can be found on many prestigious projects. Recently we finish the project Nanjing South Railway Station which is the largest railway station in Asia.MEISHUO, by exploiting its long-standing experience and its technical expertise, after having setting up in the China market, enters progressively the international market of construction.Keeping up with the ever increasing demands on the most reliable sealing and covering systeMEISHUO of expansion joints in buildings and other construction projects, pointed out that up to now the most common expansion joint covers of 1970-1980 technology, were inadequate for the up-to-date construction developments.Therefore MEISHUO Ltd launched and is supplying the China and international market with a variety of modern profiles for covering expansion joints that are in accordance with the existing Antiseismic Regulations and certified with ISO 9001-2008.We have attended many big building and construction exhibitions in the world and have many good cooperations with customers coming from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania,etc.. These efforts resulted in enjoying the confidence of architects and constructors, proven by the integration of its products in almost every major project in the world.Through its well-recognized by architects and constructors experience has the capability of foreseeing the growing requirements of project planning and locating and dealing with on occasion parameters.The continuous product improvement, so that this corresponds fully with the constantly amending Antiseismic Regulations, guarantees the quality of the final production.Many of the joint covers are designed to permit continuous multi-directional six-way movement. The cover unit is free to move both horizontally, vertically and horizontally in shear without damaging the surrounding concrete and paving, deforming the cover plate or shearing the screws holding the cover plate in place.Whatever your project, our joint covers are available and can be fabricated to any width or required joint movement. Optional water gutter and fire barriers are part of the trouble-free jointing system.MEISHUO sincerely wishes to cooperate with domestic and foreign friends, and create the future hand in hand!
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Jiangsu, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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expansion joint, Carborundum stair nosing, aluminum entrance mat, movement control joint, balustrade
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