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Bayi Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific research enterprise for research and development, production and service of marine coatings, marine engineering coatings, industrial coatings, water-based coatings and other products and anti-corrosion engineering construction. Headquartered in Guangdong Province with beautiful environment, the company was established in 2000 and has a history of more than 20 years. Well-known enterprises with good reputation and strong competitiveness in the industry, the strong strength of the company is a reliable guarantee for the success of Bayi Paint. Through continuous research and development progress, Bayi Paint will definitely provide the greatest support for your voyage. In order to ensure the most ideal effect after our coating construction, no matter how many products customers need, we assign technicians with rich construction experience to guide the construction in person to ensure the quality of the project. Their footprints have spread all over the world. As an internationally renowned paint manufacturer, we have advanced production technology and management experience. The company adheres to efficient management, provides customer satisfaction products, is realistic and innovative, creates an international first-class paint brand, is environmentally friendly and safe, and realizes The policy of harmonious and sustainable development has passed the ISO9001:2015, iso14001:2015. And ISO45001:2018 standard certification, the establishment of its quality, environment, occupational safety management system, the introduction of excellent performance management mode, the companys independent research and development of industrial protective coatings, oil storage tank special anti-static coating, heat insulation reflective coating, high temperature paint, fire retardant paint, ship paint, bridge paint, industrial equipment paint, plastic hardware paint, drinking water special paint, water-based epoxy paint, water-based acrylic paint, water-based rust paint, water, products are widely used in civil ship repair, offshore platforms, ports, wind power, bridges, petrochemicals, electric power, construction and other industrial fields. The company has successively worked for Sinopec, China Resources Cement, Sinoma Cement, Huangpu Shipyard, Wenchong Shipyard, China Electric Power, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and many other well-known domestic enterprises and national key projects provide high-quality products and services. We look forward to cooperating with you.
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Guangdong, China
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Main Product:, Architectural Coatings, Metallic paint, Car paint, Waterborne industrial paint
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