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Multi function Road Repair Maintenance Equipment, Road Roller Machinery, Road Crack Joint Machinery, Road Grooving Machine, Road Cut Machine, Hydraulic Picks Breaking Machine

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Company Profile introductionShandong YouYi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the national high-tech industrial zone of Jining City, Shandong Province, which is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and the State of Etiquette. Our factory totally Covers an area of 35000m2, Fixed equipment assets of 98 million yuan. It is one enterprise which integrates scientific research, production and sales.The company specializes in the production and research and development of road maintenance machinery and maintenance materials, and provides road maintenance services with scientific and unique road maintenance solutions. It has formed the research and development and production practice of road comprehensive maintenance vehicle and multi-functional Alphalt road regeneration repair vehicle, and created a new technology for vertical mixing of asphalt mixture, indirect heating technology and on-site waste material heat regeneration and pit repair.The company has a sound marketing system, a comprehensive service network, and continues to promote the standardization, process and informatization of sales and services through lean marketing. A number of dealers, sales and service outlets have been established throughout the country.The Company adheres to the concept of scientific and technological innovation, in the electronic control, hydraulic system design, high-efficiency energy-saving environmental protection, thermal regeneration and other technologies in the domestic leading, international first-class level. The company is committed to providing high quality road maintenance machinery and products & services to its customers. Relying on technological innovation, management innovation and mechanism innovation, it pursues the "Innovative Chinese Dream" of road maintenance equipment and road maintenance technology. Make customers work more efficient and easier, and create more value for customers. The company has maintained good cooperative relations with key universities and research institutes in China, and has established technical innovation bases, product research and development bases and talent training bases in cooperation with many well-known institutions of higher learning, and pays attention to institutions of higher learning and research institutes. We have carried out cooperation in production, learning and research, and established cooperative relations with Shandong University, Jinan University, and the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Communications, constantly innovating and maintaining a vigorous development vitality.Under the trend of global economic integration, Youyi Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to strengthen and expand its professional fields, improve its technical capabilities, improve its product structure, and optimize its national sales and service network platform. Companies adhering to the "technology leads the future, quality promotes development, management solid foundation, integrity cast brilliant" business purpose, to build a well-known brand in the industry.
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Shandong, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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Multi function Road Repair Maintenance Equipment, Road Roller Machinery, Road Crack Joint Machinery, Road Grooving Machine, Road Cut Machine, Hydraulic Picks Breaking Machine
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