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Founded in 1946, Shanghai Lianggong Valve Factory Co., Ltd. has more than 70 years of history and rich experience in designing and manufacturing all kinds of valves and valve driving devices. It is also a professional manufacturer that can produce both valves and valve driving devices in China. The company is located in Baoshan District of Shanghai, covering an area of 80 mu, with 21200 m2 of production plant and 3000 m2 of office space. The total investment is 120 million yuan. The company has more than 300 employees and more than 50 engineering and technical personnel of various types, including 5 with senior titles and 30 with intermediate titles. The "Gong" brand of Shanghai Lianggong has been appraised as "Shanghai famous trademark" by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce for many times, and the "Gong" brand valve products produced by Shanghai Lianggong have been appraised as "Shanghai famous brand products" by Shanghai Bureau of technical supervision for many times. Main products: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, chemical valve, metallurgical valve, petroleum valve, fire valve, water valve, power station valve, nuclear power valve, military valve, etc. The design and manufacturing level of valve products is in the leading position in China, and has good reputation and high popularity in domestic and foreign markets. In 1952, cast steel valves and oil trees of various caliber and pressure grades designed and manufactured for petroleum machinery industry were widely used in oil fields and petrochemical fields. In 1960, the first large-scale chemical fertilizer enterprise, Wujing chemical plant, designed and manufactured by ourselves, has developed a series of high pressure fertilizer valves in China. From 1962 to 1964, it was awarded as the advanced unit of national valve industry quality for many times in the three years, and "I" brand products were designated as inspection free products. In 1974, Qinshan 300000 kW nuclear power plant, the first nuclear power plant designed and manufactured by ourselves, was established in China. The products of nuclear two and three stage gate valve, stop valve, check valve, bellows stop valve and nuclear level valve electric device are developed. It is in good condition and highly evaluated by users. Since 1992, it has provided nuclear II, III and class gate valves, stop valves, check valves, bellows stop valves and valve electric devices for the export of 300000 kW nuclear power plant in Pakistan. In 1995, it has obtained the nuclear level valve design qualification license and manufacturing qualification license issued by the National Security Bureau. It is also one of the first batch of units in China to obtain the design and manufacturing license of civil nuclear pressure equipment. Since 1980, our company has been leading in the export of products in China with various caliber and pressure level gate valves, stop valves and check valves produced in accordance with API standards. Since 1984, our company has obtained the right to use API monogram of American Petroleum Institute, and is one of the first companies in China to obtain API Certificate in valve industry. In 1994, the company obtained ISO9001 international certification from Norske classification society. Our company produces American standard gate valve, stop valve and check valve, which is exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Canada, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other famous international companies. At the same time, Shanghai Lianggong valve factory has carried out many new research and development work in China, and developed a series of ultra-low temperature valves, ultra hardness corrosion-resistant valves, ultra-high pressure zero hydrogen valves, etc.
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Shanghai, China
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Gate valve/Globe valve/Check valve/Ball valve/butterfly valve
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