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Foshan Fadekang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of modern packaging machinery and equipment. Our factory has successfully developed a number of series, dozens of packaging machinery and supporting equipment. With abundant professional knowledge and experiments, it has formed a distinctive packaging system engineering theory and a penetrating solution.After-sales service, we have been unswervingly providing customers with pre-sales technical advice, technical support in sales, after-sales technical follow-up services. In order to keep abreast of customersneeds and help them in time. Technical cooperation, for a long time, with the integration of world advanced technology and technology, Fadekang is committed to digesting, absorbing and mastering international advanced technology and packaging machinery of high-tech products. In the new century, we will take science and technology as the center and quality as our life. Your interests are our goals. Your development is our progress. We have high quality products, exquisite technology, value-added performance and price ratio.The main products of Foshan Fadekang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. are as follows: Pillow packaging machine: food packaging machine, candy packaging machine, toy packaging machine, daily necessities packaging machine, industrial parts packaging machine, Instant noodles packaging machine, biscuit packaging machine, moon cake packaging machine, frozen food packaging machine, ice stick packaging machine, rice cake packaging machine, mung bean cake packaging machine, bread packaging machine, disposable spoon packaging machine Soap packaging machine, mask packaging machine, disposable paper cup packaging machine, knife and fork packaging machine, hardware accessories packaging machine, power switch panel packaging machine, industrial products packaging machine, plastic products packaging machine, chemical products packaging machine, paper products packaging machine and other multi-functional packaging machine Vertical packaging machine: chain bucket packaging machine, granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, liquid packaging machine and other packaging machinery. For a long time, we can only rely on manual packaging, which is inefficient and cost-effective. Our company has solved the difficult problem of packaging and successfully manufactured it. It has greatly improved the efficiency of production by installing and reforming packaging machines for many manufacturers. If you are willing to improve production efficiency and product quality, you are welcome to consult us.
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Packaging Machines
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