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Gantry cranes, Overhead cranes, Casting crane, Container gantry crane, Port crane

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Henan Weihua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd belonging to Weihua Group Co., Ltd, established in 1988, is an enterprise approved by SAIC and managed in design, manufacture, installation and relevant services of kinds of lifting and transporting machinery. Companys registered capital 165 million, all sorts of manufacturing and testing equipment 2460 sets, about 2000 employees including 2 doctor supervisor, 2 overseas expert, 2 persons enjoying the state council allowance, 5 professor-level senior engineers, 25 senior engineers, 58 engineers, and about 500 other managerial personnels and technicists. leading products Overhead and Gantry crane take the first place and Electric Hoist take the second place in the industry. the products are widly uses in the field of material handling, like machine manufacturing, Ferrous Metallurgy, nuclear power industry, mine exploitation, Hydropower Engineering, roads and railways, electric power, automobile making, Petrochemical Industry, port logistics, shipbuilding, etc. the products can be found all over the country and in England, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Iran, Pakistan, Oman as well.Weihua Group has 165million Yuan RMB registered capital, 2460 sets all kinds of manufacture equipments, 2200 staffs, among them, there are 2 Ph.D. supervisors, 2 overseas experts, 2 experts who enjoy particular subsidy of the State Council, 5 professor-level senior engineers, 25 senior engineers, 58 engineers, more than 500 other kinds of middle and high-ranking management staffs and technicians. Weihua also engaged several industry experts, scholars and experts from variety scientific research institution of college as group development and management consultants. Now Weihua has set postdoctor research station and state-level enterprise technical center. The main product is varity of overhead crane, gantry crane and small-sized lifting equipment. Weihua can manufacture general use overhead crane and gantry crane under 900t capacity. Weihua has great market competitiveness for crane under 800t. Weihua has designed and manufactured many high technology and strong professional lifting equipments for varity fileds. Many products manufactured by Weihua are improved, optimized and innovated, which fully reflects companys product research and manufacturing capabilities, for example: 100t-320t metallurgy overhead crane, 80t-500t power station use frequency overhead crane, long-range control and full programming operation trash incineration power plant crane, 600t and above large span shipbuilding overhead crane, 800t large span, high lifting height shipbuilding gantry crane with hull turnover function, 440t full-frequency shield tunneling use gantry crane, track type container gantry crane or tyre type container gantry crane, portal crane, 5-500t low headroom, low wheel load overhead crane, superhigh winch 400m tunnel gantry crane, all kinds of magnetic chuck crane with upper rotate or lower rotate function, 50-100t soaking pit crane, 50-900t bridge girder erection machine, girder moving machine, all kinds of hydraulic machinery, reservoir gate lifting crane, dam-top gantry crane, trash rack, national first set full intelligent tank impact test platform, satellite launching center sealed cabin drop test device, NH series electric hoist, HD type electric single crane, etc.
Year Founded:
Henan, China
No. of Employees:
Above 1000
Business Type:
Manufacturer / Traders
Main Product:
Gantry cranes, Overhead cranes, Casting crane, Container gantry crane, Port crane
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