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Phosphoric Acid, Monopotassium phosphate, Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Diammonium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate

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Sichuan Mianzhu Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in producing phosphorus chemical series products. With customers trust and support and workers hard work, our company has developed into a diversified company which is based on the production and manufacturing of phosphorous chemical series, setting import and export trade of goods, transport and storage business as an organic whole. Our company has two production bases. One is Tianjin Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd., and the other is Sichuan Mianzhu Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd. (head office of Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd.). Tianjin Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd. established in 1998, is specialized in producing phosphate series products, enjoying a convenient transportation, for it is 100km away from Capital International Airport, and 50km away from the largest container terminal in Tianjin, China, and 40km from Tianjin Binhai International airport. Sichuan Mianzhu Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd., established in Mianzhu Economic Development Zone in Sichuan Province, is specialized in the major types of fine chemicals, which are used in food, electronic and medical products. We have the ability of international trade of the above-mentioned products. Our company is 90km away from Chengdu, endowed with location and transportation advantages. Sichuan Mianzhu Ronghong Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly produces phosphoric acid, monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, trisodium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, sodium pyrophosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, urea phosphate and other phosphate series products. In addition to satisfying domestic demands, we have been exporting our products to more than 20 countries, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, etc."All Things Become Thriving on Golden Age, High Quality in Grand Heaven and Earth". Ronghong chemical industry will still uphold the idea of "integrity-based, quality product, committing to the first-class products, first-class service and first-class management" to create the first-class performance, becoming the respected industry leader with competitive strength, treating the great industry for people as the enterprise mission, insisting on services for customers, contributing to society. We wish to widely cooperate with new and old customers from all walks of life, to develop new brilliance together.
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Sichuan, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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Phosphoric Acid, Monopotassium phosphate, Sodium hydrogen phosphate, Diammonium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate
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