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UV curing lamp, UV curing equipment, UV LED curing machine, UV system, corona treater

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Ergu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Limited is an earlier private enterprise which has been manufacturing UV light sources and photothermal curing equipments in China, integrating R&D, production and sale in one whole, and the company belongs to the upstream of photoelectronic industry, and develops gradually mature in recent years with the expansion of production capacity,and the company is proud of his efficient management team, rich human resources, stability of strategic alliance, globalization of science and technology of transnational business enterprise. Ergu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Limited was founded in 2011, the company has grown up rapidly since establishment, achieving continuous innovation through independent research and development, providing society with efficient energy-saving photothermal curing equipments. Our products are currently widely applied in various production fields, maintaining the leading position in the industry. The company has actively broken through the geographical restriction while his reputation is well known in the recent years, and the enterprise laid out the domestic equipment market, setting up sales organizations in Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Chongqing. Meanwhile, the company continuously improves the customer service network, actively explores the international market, and establishes worldwide sales strategy. As a professional enterprise which is specialized in curing equipment production and sale, the developed products and solutions are widely accepted by the numerous domestic brand cooperation enterprises. The ultimate goal of the company is to set up world class manufacturing enterprise focusing on curing equipments. The company is committed to photothermal curing technologies, to improving the peoples life, providing the society with equipments characterized as more environmentally friendly and power saving. The company pays close attention to the frontier dynamic of industry, and practises brand idea and commitment with the experts unique view and entrepreneurs persistence. Culture is the gene of enterprise inheritance and development. Nowadays, we are facing fiercer global competition, enterprise not only needs to occupy the highland of technology, product, market, capital ect., but also develop competitive cultural advantage so as to strengthen the soft power, succeed in complex competition environment, and obtain continuous development space. Ergu Optoelectronics Co., Limited advocates inclusive and open corporate culture, emphasizes team cooperation, encourages innovation, and the staff lift their own value in work with sense of achievement and confidence. To be the industry expert and leading enterprise is always the core management idea of Ergu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Limited, the company provides quality products, fast services and optimum solutions with his professional and dedicated craftsmanship, and promotes the development of industry with his efforts, achieves mutual benefit between cooperation partners. The company is walking along the road of brand development to be the leader in industry. In the future, the company will take brand building as his driving force, promote and enhance brand image continuously, develop and accumulate the brand value of Ergu Optoelectronics Technology Co., Limited incessantly so as to win the acceptance and respect from customers home and abroad. Furthermore, the company will actively attend international trade fairs, set up high-end brands, explore overseas market vigorously.
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Guangdong, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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UV curing lamp, UV curing equipment, UV LED curing machine, UV system, corona treater
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