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led traffic light, led traffic signal, traffic light pole, LED Countdown Meter, Intelligent Traffic Controller

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10+ Years OEM Experiences of Traffic Lights10+ Years R&D Experiences of Traffic LightsExported to 150+ Countries, Over 20000 LED Traffic Light Projects completedWinning the title of the top thirty Chinese intelligent traffic equipment suppliersVice president of the Intelligent Traffic Industry Association of ShenzhenHaving traffic lights batch production licensePassing the inspection of the Ministry of Public Securitys traffic safetysupervision GB14887-2011, GAT/508-2014, GB5280-2010Certified by ISO9001-2008, CE, EN12368, RoHS, TUV, SGS, IP55, GB14887-2011, GAT/508-2014, GB25280-2010This is an era that must transform and reconstruct, in which business environment is rapidly changing, and reform of business model is accelerating, and if we cannot accelerate corporate transformation, discover and grasp new market opportunities, and establish new capabilities accordingly, we will be threatened by growing crises in the future. Therefore, from now on, we have entered into a new era in which we must actively plan modernized development goals and tasks for the future. In terms of overall development strategy of FAMA in the coming two to three years, we plan to build up our body, keep innovating and achieve a new leap forward. "To build up our body" means that we will strengthen the fundamental management level as a basis and keep introspecting, in order to solidify our core competence; "To keep innovating" means that we will change and breakthrough in terms of technology, procedure and culture, with an aim to enhancing the level of corporate operation and management to a high height to meet the requirement of modernization.In the early period of our business, we provided the society with our OEM transportation products, and now we provide the transportation products of FAMA brand. Todays FAMA, is not FAMA with ten-year history, but more like a newly born baby, and a rising sun in the morning. For every client that cooperates with FAMA, we provide them with a platform full of opportunities and high-quality brand service as the purpose, and fair rules of the game, calling for all parties to build a win-win solution and sharing interests. Our clients are both entrepreneurs and builders of FAMA platform. We do and cherish, we temper and go forward. Ten years, are as light as dust that can be flicked by fingers, and also as heavy as hills that are difficult to give up. Although facing various new situations and problems, we have not easily given up. Since what encourage us to keep on is not to succeed, but to pursue the spirit of the times. We believe that, those FAMA people, with spirit of transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, can absolute accomplish self-breakthrough and inject a steady flow of vitality into enterprises through subversive innovations. In the future, based on the concept of being customer oriented, we will establish a new business system to adapt to the future needs and realize strategic transformation, in order to provide the market with ultimate products and services of maximal value, as well as provide our clients with a better future.
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Jiangsu, China
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led traffic light, led traffic signal, traffic light pole, LED Countdown Meter, Intelligent Traffic Controller
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