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Rotameter Flow Meter, Conveyor Roller, Plastic Gears, Conveyor Machine Customized, Plastic Injection And Machining Accessories

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Shenzhen Xinhansheng is committed to the production of PCB,LCD and solar PV wet process equipment spare parts and service, with the concept of advanced management professional manufacturing, excellent technology and subtle service. It is created to be a highly-automatic and specialized corporation of professional accessories manufacturing and service with mold design,product manufacture production, sales and equipment maintenance solution in an integral whole. Xinhansheng with the idea of high quality and complete product spirit of firmness and innovation has become first choice of a number of enterprises at home, and abroad due to its quality products and service helping the costumers to enchance market competitiveness. With out the concern and love of customer Xinhanshen will not succeed.Xinhanshen with a sincere heart, is willing to be an intimate part of its partners.Thanks to the concept of science and technology and collaborative management.Xinhanshen never stops accumulating and innovation in the process of production and has formed thorough enterprise product dastards. It also processes a number of patented technologies.Which ensure the quality advantage of Xinhanshen. The company has advanced manufacturing workshop. The automatic equipments are designed in accordance, with the highest standards of the industry to realize the automatic integrated operation.Which make Xinhanshens products the perfect combination of technology efficiency and process quality.Innovation i endless, quality is the permanent coreXinhanshen is committed to quality construction and optimize from technology tho management. It insists the principle of prevention first and strive for zero defect products.Xinhanshen group selects high quality engineering plastic to ensure that every spray part is corrosion resistant. Wear resistant and high temperature resistant. Xinhanshen combines advanced management and independent innovation and strictly controls each manufacturing link.Which make Xinhanshen become a synonym of high quality and receive customers praise. Xinhanshen has a perfect talent competition and optimization mechanism. The companys slogan is to build a competitive team because only a excellent team can ensure sustained and healthy growth of the enterprise. Xinhanshen pays attention to the learning and development of staff, and advocates for cooperative relations of mutual benefit and common development.We have no forgotten the more important responsibility of respect and feedback to society. Which is our ultimate goal. Xinhanshen is oriented to helping customers and carries the mission of helping customer creation value and achieving sustainable development.The enterprise has the concept of providing high quality and full-range products, strictly observing product quality standards. Being committed to the spirit of technology innovation and is striding forwards the goal of mastering core technologies and leading the world.Xinhanshen has been established for decades. Different brochures have been printed every year. Which witnessed every footprint of Xinhanshen. Since there are new products coming out every year.We published a new brochure irregularly in order to allow customers know the products first time. It is worth mentioning that HS company is not only good at its products. It also does well in brand marketing. It was written by Mr. WANG chairman and chief engineer of Xinhansheng. By using many years of work experience. He collected all PCB wet process equipment transmission fitting in the world and classified in this book. The most important is that he spent a lot of time drawing CAD diagrams of all products, so the customer can quickly confirm the product size. Small products, big world! Xinhanshen will be more shining in the future!
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Guangdong, China
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Manufacturer / Traders
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Rotameter Flow Meter, Conveyor Roller, Plastic Gears, Conveyor Machine Customized, Plastic Injection And Machining Accessories
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