Discover the High-Performance ADUM1401BRWZ Isolator for Reliable Signal Transmission

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Discover the High-Performance ADUM1401BRWZ Isolator for Reliable Signal Transmission

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient isolator for your general purpose applications? The ADUM1401BRWZ from Analog Devices Inc is the perfect solution for you. With a voltage isolation of 2500vrms and a common mode transient immunity of 25kv/μs, this four-channel unidirectional isolator ensures reliable signal transmission even in noisy environments.

The ADUM1401BRWZ uses magnetic coupling technology to provide superior isolation and noise immunity. This technology eliminates the need for optocouplers and transformers, reducing system complexity and cost. With a data rate of 10mbps, this isolator is well-suited for high-speed applications.

This isolator has a propagation delay of 50ns, ensuring that signals are transmitted in a timely and accurate manner. The ADUM1401BRWZ also has a pulse width distortion of up to 3ns, making it an ideal solution for applications requiring precise timing.

The ADUM1401BRWZ is designed for surface mount mounting and has a package/case size of 16-Soic (0.295"; 7.50mm Width). With an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C, this isolator is suitable for use in harsh environments.

In addition, the ADUM1401BRWZ has three inputs on side 1 and one input on side 2, making it easy to integrate into your system. This isolator is ideal for a variety of applications, including motor control, power supply management, and data communication.

In conclusion, the ADUM1401BRWZ is a high-performance and reliable isolator that offers superior isolation and noise immunity. Its magnetic coupling technology, high data rate, and low propagation delay make it an ideal solution for general purpose applications. Try it today and experience the benefits of reliable signal transmission.

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