Introducing Chanste 34: The Latest Microchip Technology Product for High-Performance EEPROM Applications

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Microchip Technology is proud to introduce the Chanste 34, its latest product for high-performance EEPROM applications. The Chanste 34 is a state-of-the-art EEPROM module that offers advanced features and superior performance, making it the perfect solution for customers seeking a reliable and efficient EEPROM product.

Introducing Chanste 34: The Latest Microchip Technology Product for High-Performance EEPROM Applications

The Chanste 34 is based on the At24c32 product module and comes in a SOP8 package. With a factory packing quantity of 4000 and a minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces, the Chanste 34 is a cost-effective solution for high-volume applications. The unit weight of the product is 540 mg, and it operates on a supply voltage of 1.7 V to 5.5 V, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and systems.

One of the key features of the Chanste 34 is its excellent performance. The product has a minimum operating temperature of -40°C and a maximum operating temperature of +85°C, which makes it suitable for use in a variety of environments. The Chanste 34 also has a high-speed I2C interface, which enables fast data transfer and enhances overall performance.

The Chanste 34 is an EEPROM product, which means that it is ideal for storing data that needs to be retained even when the power is turned off. EEPROMs are commonly used in applications such as digital cameras, mobile phones, and other portable devices. The Chanste 34's advanced features, including its low power consumption and high reliability, make it an excellent choice for these types of applications.

In addition to its excellent performance and advanced features, the Chanste 34 also offers several benefits to customers. For example, the product is easy to use, thanks to its simple interface and compatibility with a wide range of devices. The Chanste 34 also has a long lifespan, which means that customers can rely on it for many years to come. Finally, the Chanste 34 is a cost-effective solution, which makes it an excellent choice for customers seeking a high-quality product at an affordable price.

In conclusion, the Chanste 34 is an excellent EEPROM product that offers advanced features, superior performance, and several benefits to customers. With its low power consumption, high reliability, and long lifespan, the Chanste 34 is the perfect solution for high-performance EEPROM applications. Whether you're working on a digital camera, a mobile phone, or any other portable device, the Chanste 34 is the ideal product for your needs. Contact Microchip Technology today to learn more about the Chanste 34 and how it can benefit your business.

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