Winch Gearboxes Travel Gearbox Planetary Gears- Wangchi
Winch Gearboxes Travel Gearbox Planetary Gears- Wangchi

Winch Gearboxes Travel Gearbox Planetary Gears- Wangchi

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Chongqing, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

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Winch Gearboxes Travel Gearbox Planetary Gears- Wangchi

Wangchi manufactures winch gearboxes and travel gearboxes of the highest quality. The planetary winch gearboxes are perfect solution for mobile and stationary applications. The compact, space-saving design allows the gearbox to be fully integrated into the winch drum.


1 Robust design with high load capacity

2 Different input configuration

3 Suitable for hydraulic or electric motor

4 High start and transmission efficiency

5 Low-speed stability

Wangchi applies a modern design concept. The gearboxes it manufactures feature high strenght materials and best-class torque density to maximize the performances.

Wangchi's travel and winch gearboxes come in a multitude of arrangements and versions. If you're looking for wholesale winch gear boxes or travel gearboxes to help controlling speeds effectively, you're at the right place. The products are optimally adjusted for winch applications and matching motors.

Wangchi is a certified manufacturer and a leading exporter of hydraulic motors, gearboxes for concrete mixers and rotary drilling rig, as well as motorcycle parts. We specialize in industrial planetary gearbox, hydraulic parts machining, hydraulic pump parts, truck hydraulic brake parts, excavator hydraulic parts, forklift hydraulic parts, hydraulic excavator parts, central hydraulics parts, central hydraulics replacement parts, performance motorcycle camshafts, hydraulic spare parts, etc.

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