YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen
YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen
YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen
YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen
YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen
YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen

YYW fuel gas heat transfer oil furnace-Yinchen

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Place of Origin
Henan, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

Product Description


Rated Heat Supply
0.24mw/H, /0.35mw/H, /0.49mw/H, /0.7mw/H, /1.05mw/H, 1.4mw/H,/2.1mw/H,/2.8 Mw/H
Fixed Work Stress
0 Mpa
Water Temperature
≤300 ℃
Test Pressure
0 Mpa
Design Fuelnatural Gas、liquified Natural Gas
Power Consumption Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas、diesel、heavy Oil
Power Consumption Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Design Thermal Efficiency
Fuel Consumption(Natural Gas)
20nm3/H,/30nm3/H,/40nm3/H,/60nm3/H,/90nm3/H, 120nm3/H,/180nm3/H,/240 Nm3/H
Hot Water Volume
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Boiler Weight

Product Details

◆ product introduction:

Organic heat carrier furnace is a new type of special boiler, also known as heat conducting oil furnace. It has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature. Its heating temperature can reach 340 ℃ in liquid phase or 400 ℃ in vapor phase. Organic heat carrier can be used for heat supply in various production occasions that require uniform and stable heating and do not allow direct flame heating, and the heating temperature is between 150 ℃ -380 ℃. The horizontal biomass heat transfer oil furnace takes biomass and coal as fuel, takes heat transfer oil as medium, and uses the hot oil circulating oil pump to force the medium to circulate in liquid phase. After transferring the heat energy to the thermal equipment, it returns to the heating furnace for reheating. It can obtain high working temperature under low pressure, and can control the medium operation with high precision. The system has high heat utilization rate. Due to the overall installation of the module and convenient operation and maintenance, it is an ideal energy-saving heating equipment.

◆ product use:

Organic heat carrier heat transfer oil furnace is applicable to:

1. Chemical industry - oil chemical industry, polymerization industry, reaction tank, distillation and concentration.

2. Plastic industry - plastic firing, extrusion and shaping&

3. Textile industry - resin setting machine, dyeing machine, drying room, high temperature machine, roller machine.

4. Rubber industry - vulcanization heating of rubber.

5. Food industry - cooking, drying, vegetable oil refining.

6. Forest products industry -- heating and finalization of plywood, Pauli board and fiberboard.

7. Paper industry - Multilayer paperboard, drying and drying of packaging cartons.

8. Others - heating of metal electroplating bath, coating condensation, drying, industrial distillation, reduction, concentration, dehydration, etc.

◆ product advantages:

(1) Obtain low-pressure and high-temperature thermal medium, which is easy to adjust and heat supply is uniform, and can meet the accurate process temperature.

(2) Liquid phase circulating heating, no condensation discharge heat loss, and high thermal efficiency of the heating system.

(3) There are compensation technical measures in the system for the volume changes caused by the heating and heat release of the working medium and the temperature rise and fall.

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