Skid-mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer - Jurunxin
Skid-mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer - Jurunxin

Skid-mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer - Jurunxin

Module Number
JRX--5T (Skid)
Place of Origin
Tianjin, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

Product Description


Product Module
Product Module
Processing Capacity (Kg/H)
Total Power (Kw)
Dimensions (L*W*Hmm)
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Product Details

Product Details

A Skid Mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer is a form of mobile medical treatment system mounted onto metal skids for easy transport and installation. Jurunxin's skid mount offers portable and customizable options for hospitals, clinics, labs, and other medical facilities. 

Skid mounts are simple, easy-to-install, and are perfect for short-term or temporary use scenarios. Meanwhile, it's just as powerful as on-site medical waste disposal equipment with the same capacity.

In the context of COVID-19, tens of thousands of tons of biohazard waste has put tremendous strain on health care waste management systems around the world. As a leader in medical waste treatment, Jurunxin provides several products ranging from shredders, sterilizers, to waste gas purifier. Depending on your scale and use scenario, you can choose from small to large capacity, and from mobile to on-site hospital waste treatment. Jurunxin is also a leader in microwave mediwaste disposal, with advanced microwave technology in decontamination. 

Jurunxin's Skid Mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer can be a good choice for the following reasons:

1 Flexible installation

2 Cost effective

3 Minimal discharges

4 Automatic operation 

5 Customizable

What is the suitable surgical waste management method? Which is the most cost effective pathological disposal? How to deal with pathological waste? Jurunxin is willing to help and contribute to the treatment and reutilization of medical waste as one of the top medical disposal companies in the world. We offer medical waste disposal solutions to laboratory waste management and eco medical waste disposal.

Exhaust gas treatment methods of large-scale medical waste disinfection equipment: wet square cyclone tower, primary and high-efficiency filter box, and UV photo-oxygen catalysis.

JRX---5T (Skid-mounted)

1. Processing Capacity (KG/H): 500

2. Total Power (KW): 117

3. Dimensions (L*W*Hmm): 8300*2500*2750

4. Overall Quality (KG): 12500

Skid-mounted Medical Waste Sterilizer - Jurunxin

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