CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen
CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen
CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen
CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen
CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen
CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen

CLHS vertical natural oil gas hot water boiler-Yinchen

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Place of Origin
Henan, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

Product Description


Rated Heat Supply
0.35mw/H/0.49mw/H/0.7mw/H/1.05mw/H/1.4mw/H/2.1mw/H, 2.8mw/H/3.5mw/H/4.2mw/H/5.6mw/H/7mw/H/8.4mw/H, 10.5mw/H/14 Mw/H
Fixed Work Stress
0 Mpa
Water Temperatur
E85/60 ℃
Test Pressure
0.2 Mpa
Design Fuelnatural Gas、liquified Natural Gas
Power Consumption8.5/18/37 Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas、diesel、heavy Oil
Power Consumption8.5/18/37 Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Design Thermal Efficiency
Heating Area
2.35/3.15/6.2 M3
Fuel Consumption(Natural Gas)
30kg/H/40kg/H/60kg/H/90kg/H/120kg/H/180kg/H, 240kg/H/300kg/H/360kg/H/420kg/H/480kg/H/600kg/H, 720kg/H/900kg/H/1200 Kg/H
Hot Water Volume
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Boiler Weight
1.7t/2.1t/4.2t/4.9t/6.5t/7.1t/11t/11.5t/13t/18t, 21t/19t/35 T

Product Details

◆ product introduction:

The oil and gas hot water boiler belongs to the atmospheric pressure boiler. Because the hot water boiler is always full of water, there is no water level gauge, but a thermometer must be installed. The circulating water pump of the heat supply system of the hot water boiler is generally the hot water circulating pump, which pumps the water in the boiler to the system. The hot water boiler can supply both low-temperature water and high-temperature hot water.

◆ product use:

Oil fired and gas-fired hot water boilers are widely used for heating residential quarters, office buildings, commercial places, hotels, factories, hotels, commercial places, swimming pools and factories.

◆ product advantages:

1. The design, manufacturing, supervision and inspection of the boiler shall be in strict accordance with the boiler safety supervision regulations to ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the boiler.

2. The boiler body is a shell type fully wet back downstream three return pyrotechnic tube structure. The flame burns under micro positive pressure in a large combustion chamber, with low combustion heat load and low emission of harmful substances NOx. The advanced complete machine test bench has been tested and verified for many times, so that the boiler can obtain good thermal performance, qualified flue gas emission index and wide burner adaptation range under various loads.

3. The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler are made of special thermal insulation materials, which have high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and good resistance to quenching and thermal energy, greatly extending the service life of the smoke boxes. The lower part of the smoke box is provided with a condensate drain to reduce the corrosion of condensate to pressure parts.

4. The arrangement of devices and pipe orifices in the boiler is reasonable, which optimizes the water circulation in the boiler, effectively prevents the generation of scale, and is also conducive to improving the heat exchange effect on the water side. Hand holes and inspection holes shall be set at the weak links with poor circulation to facilitate regular inspection and maintenance.

5. Compared with the dry back boiler, the wet back structure of the boiler greatly reduces the temperature of the rear smoke box and solves the problem of frequent maintenance during the operation of the rear smoke box;

6. The boiler is designed with large water volume, and the furnace body is not sensitive to load fluctuation. It is still applicable to users with large load variation range.

7. The appearance carefully designed by the professional industrial stylist of boiler is novel and unique without losing the coordination with the surrounding environment.

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