CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen

CWDR electric heating hot water boiler-Yinchen

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Place of Origin
Henan, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

Product Description


Rated Heat Supply
0.06mw/H/0.12mw/H/0.18mw/H/0.24mw/H/0.35mw/H, 0.49mw/H/0.7mw/H/1.05mw/H/1.4mw/H/2.1mw/H/2.8 Mw/H
Fixed Work Stress
0 Mpa
Water Temperature
85/60 ℃
Test Pressure
0.2 Mpa
Design Fuelelectric Power Consumption
60kw/120kw/180kw/240kw/350kw/490kw/700kw/1050kw, 1400kw/2100kw/2800 Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Design Thermal Efficiency
Heating Area
500~40000 M3
Fuel Consumption
60kw/120kw/180kw/240kw/350kw/490kw/700kw/1050kw, 1400kw/2100kw/2800 Kw
Hot Water Volume
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Boiler Weight

Product Details

◆ product introduction:

The Cl (W) Dr series automatic electric hot water boiler produced by our company adopts microcomputer control, with novel design and compact structure. Through the new arrangement and combination of electric heating elements, it realizes the effective conversion of energy and provides high-quality hot water. It is a real green environmental protection energy-saving product.

◆ product use:

Electric heating hot water boilers are widely used in hospitals, schools, textile factories, garment factories, large supermarkets, garment factories, printing and dyeing factories, hotels and guesthouses, canteens, restaurants, food factories, beverage factories, bean products factories, meat products factories, Cannery, distillery, pharmaceutical factories, packaging factories, building materials factories, paint factories, swimming pools and other enterprises and institutions.

◆ product advantages:

1) Using metal electric heating tubes, the product has zero pollution, no noise, simple and convenient installation, green environmental protection, low surface load, long service life, and thermal efficiency of up to 99%. Using water and electricity separation technology, it is safe and reliable. It can be overhauled and replaced without water discharge, which is more energy-saving and convenient.

2) The controller is equipped with a full Chinese menu, touch screen control, and a dynamic graphical interface to timely display the operation status. The operation is simple and easy. The heating group is loaded and unloaded step by step. The design load is adjusted and balanced to protect the heating elements and prolong the service life.

3) It is equipped with overpressure water level, super high and low, and interlock protection device. Short circuit, overload, leakage, phase loss, abnormal voltage multiple protection and alarm, fault display and record, query function.

4) Equipped with RS485 communication interface (optional), modbu protocol and upper computer software, it can realize centralized and remote monitoring, and the upper computer can timely monitor the boiler operating parameters and load changes. Multiple boiler control networks can be formed to automatically select the number of boilers to operate according to load changes.

5) The metal electric heating pipe technology is adopted, which has high mechanical strength, good heat and chemical resistance. The separate small-size flange is adopted, and the maintenance is simple.

6) Electromechanical integration design, small size, light weight, convenient installation and transportation.

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