CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen
CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen

CWZK oil gas vacuum hot water boiler-Yinchen

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Place of Origin
Henan, China
Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land Freight

Product Description


Rated Heat Supply
0.35mw/H/0.49mw/H/0.7mw/H/1.05mw/H/1.4mw/H/2.1mw/H, 2.8mw/H/3.5mw/H/4.2mw/H/5.6mw/H/7mw/H/8.4mw/H, 10.5mw/H/14 Mw/H
Fixed Work Stress
0 Mpa
Water Temperature
85/60 ℃
Test Pressure
0.2 Mpa
Design Fuelnatural Gas、liquified Natural Gas
Power Consumption8.5/18/37 Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas、diesel、heavy Oil
Power Consumption8.5/18/37 Kw, (Not Included Circulating Pump)
Design Thermal Efficiency
Heating Area
2.35/3.15/6.2 M3
Fuel Consumption(Natural Gas)
30kg/H/40kg/H/60kg/H/90kg/H/120kg/H/180kg/H, 240kg/H/300kg/H/360kg/H/420kg/H/480kg/H/600kg/H, 720kg/H/900kg/H/1200 Kg/H
Hot Water Volume
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Boiler Weight
1.7t/2.1t/4.2t/4.9t/6.5t/7.1t/11t/11.5t/13t/18t, 21t/19t/35 T

Product Details

◆ product introduction:

Vacuum boiler is a kind of hot water boiler. It is called vacuum boiler because the furnace body is a closed negative pressure environment below atmospheric pressure. It originated in Japan and has a history of 40 years. At present, vacuum hot water boilers have been widely used in the field of civil heating in Japan, South Korea, the United States and other places. The vacuum hot water boiler works on the principle that water boils at low temperature under low pressure to generate steam, and heat is output through steam water condensation and heat exchange. The unit is a closed vacuum chamber. The combustion makes the heat medium water boil and vaporize in the vacuum chamber to generate negative pressure steam. The steam condenses outside the heat exchanger tube, heating the cold water in the tube and passing it to the user. After the steam condenses, the water drops flow back to the heat medium water to be heated and vaporized again, Complete the entire cycle.

◆ product use:

Vacuum oil fired gas-fired hot water boilers are widely used for heating residential quarters, office buildings, commercial places, hotels, factories, hotels, commercial places, swimming pools and factories.

◆ product advantages:

1. Reliable

When the unit is running, the working temperature is lower than 90 ℃, the working pressure is less than 0.7bar, and it is in negative pressure state, which is reliable. In order to fundamentally ensure the negative pressure operation of the unit, the company has adopted multiple protective measures during product design

2. One machine with multiple functions

Each vacuum hot water boiler can be equipped with multiple heat exchangers to meet users' unnecessary needs, such as heating, sanitary water, process hot water and other purposes, which can be used at the same time.

3. High thermal efficiency

The boiler combustion mode is a wet back three return front smoke chamber structure; The flue gas pipe adopts internal and external double thread wound finned pipe, which greatly reduces the temperature of the boiler flue gas chamber and makes the boiler exhaust gas temperature at 120 ℃± 5 ℃; The built-in heat exchanger adopts a unique large wave pitch threaded pipe structure, which improves the effect of the heat exchanger; The overall thermal efficiency of the boiler has reached over 94.6%, and the technical performance has reached the standard, which is far higher in China.

4. Simple system, easy installation, low carbon and energy saving

Since the boiler heat medium water is filled at one time, there is no need to make up water during operation, so the system does not need to be equipped with external equipment such as water processor, soft water tank and heat exchanger. It can be used only by connecting external pipelines. It is simple to install and low in cost. At the same time, it also reduces the floor area of the boiler room. Because the boiler has high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, high degree of automation, can reduce the allocation of operators, and does not need annual inspection, the overall operation is simple, convenient and energy-saving.

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