Enamel reactor-Yinchen
Enamel reactor-Yinchen
Enamel reactor-Yinchen
Enamel reactor-Yinchen
Enamel reactor-Yinchen
Enamel reactor-Yinchen

Enamel reactor-Yinchen

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Henan, China
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Product Description


Nominal Volume(L)
3000l/5000l/6300l/8000l/10000l/12500l, /16000l/20000l/30000l
Calculation Volume(L)
3100l/5050l/6866l/9060l/11670l/13651l, /17446l/21790l/33500l
Heat Exchange Area(_)
8.61_/13.16_/16.10_/18.38_/21.35_/24.89_, /29.48_/34.04_/45.36_
Transmission Model
Bld-3/Bld-4/Bld-5/Bld-6/Bld -7
Stirring Speed(T/M)
1751t/M/1887t/M/2142t/M/2385t/M/2645t/M/2805t/M, /2894t/M/3119t/M/3469t/M
3500kg/4950kg/5400kg/7600kg/8800kg/10300kg, /13800 Kg/14700 Kg/22,200 Kg

Product Details

◆ product introduction:

Enamel reaction kettle is an enamel reaction kettle that sprays the enamel glaze containing high silicon dioxide on the inner surface of the steel vessel, and then firmly adheres to the metal surface to form composite products through the high-temperature burning process. The tank cover and tank body can be separated. A sealing gasket is placed between them and fixed by a clamp. Easy to use and maintain. With the double advantages of glass stability and metal strength, it is an excellent corrosion-resistant chemical equipment, with reliable performance such as corrosion resistance, impact resistance, smoothness and beauty, insulation and heat resistance, wear resistance, etc. Enamel reactor is widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, pesticide, food, dye and other industrial production processes. It is an ideal equipment for hydrolysis, neutralization, crystallization, mixing, emulsification and so on. Our company has complete specifications of open enamel reaction kettle (enamel reaction tank), and can also produce non-standard open enamel reaction kettle according to user needs.

KF series glass lined reactor Description:

1. Design pressure tank =0.2mpa, 0.4MPa, 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa

2. Agitator: various types of agitators are available for users to choose

3. Reducer: vertical reducer

4. Shaft seal: packing seal (0.2MPa)

Single end mechanical seal (0.4MPa)

Double face mechanical seal (0.6MPa 1.0MPa)

5. Glass lined reaction tanks with tank design pressure exceeding 0.6MPa need special orders

6. The main dimension of KF series reaction tank conforms to hg/t2371-92 standard and has been improved on this basis.

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