Steel Slag Supplier Electroslag Pre-melting Electroslag Remelting
Steel Slag Supplier Electroslag Pre-melting Electroslag Remelting
Steel Slag Supplier Electroslag Pre-melting Electroslag Remelting

Steel Slag Supplier Electroslag Pre-melting Electroslag Remelting

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Fuyaochang is a leading Metallurgical products supplier with in the industry selling slag stopping ball,Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese,Graphite Recarburizer,FerroSilicon Nitride,Silicon Manganese Alloy,Silicon aluminum calcium composite deoxidizer,Silicon Carbon Alloy,magnesite clinker ,FerroSilicon Nitride at competitive prices.

Electroslag pre melting slag is widely used in the production of various electroslag steels. It has appropriate conductivity under the action of high temperature and can protect highly active metals from oxidation. It can effectively remove harmful elements such as sulfur and phosphorus in Remelted Steel, remove the absorption of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, dissolve non-metallic inclusions at the interface between molten metal and slag, purify the metal, and effectively prevent hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, lead Quality defects such as excessive zinc and other elements, excessive non-metallic inclusions and cracks in ingots. It is suitable for electroslag remelting of various carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, abrasive steel, high-speed tool steel and other steel grades. Product functions: 1. The pre molten slag has uniform composition, dense structure and no crystal water. 2. The arc starting slag melting is easy, the slag forming time is short, and the quality of the bottom of the steel ingot is good. The phenomenon of air hole and hydrogen crack of electroslag ingot caused by self prepared slag material is solved, the yield is increased by more than 3%, and the qualified rate of flaw detection of steel ingot is greatly improved. 3. Energy saving and consumption reduction. The use of pre molten slag can reduce 100-200kw / h per ton of steel. Due to the reduction of hydrogen content in steel after the use of pre molten slag, the hydrogen expansion annealing time of steel ingot is reduced, energy consumption is reduced, production cost is saved and product production cycle is shortened. 4. The humidity of self prepared slag is 0.5-1.5%, while the humidity of pre molten slag is only 0.006-0.1%, which effectively solves the slag collapse phenomenon in the slag pool and ensures the operation safety. 5. The pre molten slag is granular slag material, which has good air permeability in the process of use, avoids the flying dust in the production site and protects the environment.

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