FL5160MX onsemi Dimmer Switching Controllers AC Controller-Wachang
FL5160MX onsemi Dimmer Switching Controllers AC Controller-Wachang

FL5160MX onsemi Dimmer Switching Controllers AC Controller-Wachang

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Voltage - Supply
16v ~ 18v
Operating Temperature
-40°c ~ 85°c
Mounting Type
Surface Mount
Ac Dimmer Controller
Current - Supply

Product Details

IGBT and MOSFET AC Phase Cut Dimmer Controller The FL5150 and FL5160 are controllers for varying the pulse width for AC loads. The FL5150 is for 50 Hz and the FL5160 is for 60 Hz applications. The FL5150/60 is powered from the AC line and generates a programmable gate drive for controlling the pulse width for external IGBT or MOSFET transistors. The pulse width can be user programmable with either an external resistor or 0 to 10 V DC signal or controlled by a µP with a logic signal. The pulse width can be controlled from 0 to 100% duty cycle to provide a wide AC symmetric dimming control function when biased with a 3-wire application. For 2-wire Line-Hot and Load-Hot applications, the pulse width can typically be varied from 0 to a maximum gate pulse so that the load voltage is >95% of the AC line voltage. The FL5150/60 will automatically override the pulse width control setting to allow maximum gate pulse width without flicker.The FL5150/60 takes advantage of the UL1472 2015 2nd edition code revision that allows for up to 0.5 mA of ground leakage current when a neutal wire is not available in the switch box. This improves the ficker performance for non-resistive loads. If the application does not allow ground leakage current then the Line Hot signal can be used as the ZC signal. Features Selectable Earth Ground or Line-Hot Zero Cross Detection: Complies with UL1472 2015 2nd Edition for Addition of Ground Leakage Current for Flicker Reduction (North America) User Programmable Leading or Trailing Edge Dimming Control Dynamic Over-Current and Temperature Protection Powered from the AC Line Symmetric AC Current Control IGBT or MOSFET Gate Driver Gate Pulse Width Programmable from 0 to 100% tON 8 Bit ADC Input for Dimming Control with an Adjustable Resistor or 0 to 10 V DC Voltage 226 Dimming Pulse Widths with 25 µs Resolution and Built-in Ramp Up/Down Control for Smooth Dimming Automatically Maximum Gate Pulse Width Control (Auto Max.) Minimum External Components 600 µA Quiescent Current Precision Temperature Compensated 2% Internal Timer Low Power Electronic Off State Mode 50 Hz and 60 Hz Options Space Savings SOIC 10-pin Package Applications LED Lighting – High Power – Phase-cut dimming LED Lighting – Low Power – Phase-cut dimming LED Lighting – Mid Power – Phase-cut dimming Lighting

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