DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen
DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen
DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen
DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen
DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen

DZL type chain grate biomass & coal fired steam boiler-Yinchen

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Place of Origin
Henan, China
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Product Description


Rated Evaporatio
N1t/H/2t/H/4t/H/6t/H/8t/H/10t/H/12t/H/15t/H/20 T/H
Rated Steam Pressure
1.0mpa/1.25mpa/1.6mpa/2.0mpa/2.5 Mpa
Rated Steam Temperature
181 ℃/191 ℃/201 ℃/216 ℃/225 ℃
Feed Water Temperature
Test Pressure
1.4mpa/1.65mpa/2.1mpa/2.4mpa/3 Mpa
Design Fuelcoal/Biomasa/Wood and So On
Power Consumption8.5/18/37 Kw
Design Thermal Efficiency
Water Capacity
2.35m3/3.15m3/6.2 M3
Fuel Consumption(Biomass)
200kg/H/400kg/H/800 Kg/H
Boiler Size
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Boiler Weight
11t/15t/29 T

Product Details

This product is a horizontal single drum longitudinally arranged three return water fire tube boiler. Both sides of the furnace are equipped with smooth tube water-cooled walls and form an airfoil flue. A group of smoke tubes are arranged in the drum. The boiler is equipped with a drum and an induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation. The combustion equipment adopts a small scale grate, which is especially suitable for the combustion of biomass particles.

The fuel is fed by vibration from the vibrating feeder. The burned flame passes through the rear wall to the ember chamber, enters the airfoil flue upward, then passes through the threaded flue pipe of the front smoke box, and then passes through the economizer (optional), air preheater (optional), dust collector, and then is pumped to the chimney by the induced draft fan to discharge large gas.

◆Product usage:

Biomass steam boiler is mainly used to provide saturated steam.

◆Product advantages:

1. By pulling part of the rising pipes on the headers on both sides to the protecting chamber, and then introducing them into the lower part of the drum side and assisted by the thermal insulation casting at the bottom of the drum to form the furnace top heating surface, the novel furnace structure has successfully solved the problem that the bottom of the drum is directly radiated by high-temperature flame and avoided the "bulge" defect.

2. The setting of the two wing flues enables the flue gas to enter the front smoke box smoothly, so that the temperature of the previous tube plate is the same, so as to avoid the tube plate crack caused by temperature stress.

3. The single return threaded smoke pipe is used in the drum to enhance the heat transfer effect. At the same time, the threaded smoke pipe has the function of self ash removal to avoid ash accumulation in the smoke pipe.

4. The front and rear arches of 10t/h series boilers adopt the integral pouring structure supported by water wall tubes to form arches. The rear arch is low and long, the outlet section is anti inclined, and the front arch angle of 45 ° echoes with the rear arch, forming an obvious inverted“ α” Flame is conducive to the combustion of inferior coal, and the coal has strong adaptability.

5. The design of the side seal structure of the grate is advanced and reasonable, avoiding the defects that the side seal is stuck on the grate and the side seal is burnt out due to uneven air distribution on both sides of the grate. The boiler of 4t/h and below adopts the side seal cold plus angle iron ribbed plate structure, and the boiler of 6t/h and above adopts the contact side seal lower seal structure.

6. There is an independent regulating air chamber under the grate, with air inlet at both sides; A new type of crank screw adjusting structure is adopted, so that the cross-section ratio of air regulation and ventilation reaches 1; Flexible adjustment and even air distribution. A push-pull ram dust cleaning device is designed. The ram adopts a heat-resistant cast iron finishing sealing structure, so as to effectively prevent secondary combustion deformation and grate air leakage.

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