ADG1419BCPZ Analog Devices - Wachang
ADG1419BCPZ Analog Devices - Wachang
ADG1419BCPZ Analog Devices - Wachang
ADG1419BCPZ Analog Devices - Wachang

ADG1419BCPZ Analog Devices - Wachang

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Product Description


Temperature Range
−40°c to +125°c
Package Description
8-Lead Lead Frame Chip Scale Package [Lfcsp_wd]

Product Details

Features and Benefits

2.1 Ω on resistance 0.5 Ω maximum on-resistance flatness at 25°C Up to 390 mA continuous current Fully specified at +12 V, ±15 V, ±5 V No VL supply required 3 V logic-compatible inputs Rail-to-rail operation 8-lead MSOP and 8-lead, 3 mm × 2 mm LFCSP

Product Details

The ADG1419 is a monolithic iCMOS® device containing a single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) switch. An EN input on the LFCSP is used to enable or disable the device. When disabled, all channels are switched off.

The industrial CMOS (iCMOS) modular manufacturing process combines high voltage, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and bipolar technologies. It enables the development of a wide range of high performance analog ICs capable of 33 V operation in a footprint that no other generation of high voltage parts has achieved. Unlike analog ICs using conventional CMOS processes, iCMOS components can tolerate high supply voltages while providing increased performance, dramatically lower power consumption, and reduced package size.

The on-resistance profile is very flat over the full analog input range, ensuring excellent linearity and low distortion when switching audio signals. The iCMOS construction ensures ultralow power dissipation, making the part ideally suited for portable and battery-powered instruments.

Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on and has an input signal range that extends to the supplies. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. The ADG1419 exhibits break-before-make switching action for use in multiplexer applications.


Automatic test equipment Data acquisition systems Battery-powered systems Relay replacements Sample-and-hold systems Audio signal routing Video signal routing Communication systems

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