Pig Slaughterhouse Abattoir Butcher Equipment
Pig Slaughterhouse Abattoir Butcher Equipment

Pig Slaughterhouse Abattoir Butcher Equipment

$51,000.00 - 85,000.00/Piece
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600Pig slaughtering line with Skining off process
1.Pig slaughtering part
1Straddling type stunning machineQKM-2001pcUsed to stun pig for slaughtering
2Manual stunning machine 1pcHot galvanized with long manual control rod,Insulating Gloves
3Blood chute 1pcL=15m, W=1M, Made by SS, 1.2mm with water pipes, blood pipes,2 switches
4Pig bleeding lineZFX-8076mWith 10 # I-beam rail beam, rotary, removable chain, empty load carriage and connectors, Hot galvanized carriage spacing 400MM.
5Driven deviceQD-11setMade by hot galvanized steel, motor 3kw
6Tensioning deviceZJ-11setmade by 10# steel, hot galvanized,Mechanical tensioner
7Rotarywheel 3setContaining 600 return wheel, axle seats, long axis back wheel
8Bloding chainsKJQ-150pcHot galvanized
9Vertical pig washerLXJ-3501pc Size:2300*1500*2300mm, power 2.2kw*2pcs,The frame 10 # channel steel production, hot galvanized, six-axis, a thickness of 1.2 stainless steel housing.
10Pneumatic pig unloaderQX-13pc Size:600*600*1700mm, Auto control, frame made by hot galvanzied
11Pig reception chute 3pc made by SS, 1.5mm thickness
12Pre-Skinning conveyorYBX-151pcL=15m, Power 1.5kw, hot galvanzied frame, hoisting plates are PP panels
13Skinning machineBPJ-1801pcfor pig skinning
14reception chute 1pcMade by 1.5mm thickness SS, frame is hot galvanized.
15Manual possion limit 3pcused to control pig carcass position on rail for easy work operation
16Pig carcass lifting machinePT-351pc used to lift carcass to process rail, frame is made 10% steel. Hot galvanzied, lift height 1.2m, power 1.5kw
17Scalding tank 0pcLocal sourcing
18300 Model dehairing machineZBM2000pc0
19Clean water tank 0pcLocal sourcing
20Carcass process lineBTX-8082pcComprising: a secondary track beam, hanger, the carriage with pusher head, detachable chain, the carriage track, double track pulley, turnout, curved track and connectors are Hot galvanized sheet P structure.
21Driven deviceQD-11setMade by hot galvanized steel, motor 3kw
22Tensioning deviceZJ-11setmade by 10# steel, hot galvanized,Mechanical tensioner
23Visceral synchronization sanitation inspection conveyor24trays1setComprising: driving, tensioning means, track, chain, carriage Material: Hot galvanized. Sanitation inspection plate and hooks are stainless steel. Reddish viscera automatic decoupling device and automatic white visceral comeback. 24 disc, the disc distance: 1200mm. Installed power: 3kw
24Sanitation inspection trays disinfection 1setMade by SS
25Viscera chute 2pcMade by SS
26Half split sawQPJ-8001pcPower 5.5kw SS V and U mdel chute, shell. Size: 4500*1200*1800mm, frame is by 8$ steel and steel plate
27Vertical pig moverKC-001pcDimensions: 5000 * 600 * 500, installed power: 2.2kw
30Manual pushing lineSGT-1778mIncluding 10 # I-beam rail beam, 164 hangers, rail, turnouts, curved track and connectors are galvanized sheet P, hanger spacing 600-800MM.
31Pulley disinfection 1set Made by SS, with washing tube
32Double pulleyDg65600pcCasted by Q235 Steel, hot galvanized, with two bearings
33carcass hooksL-520600pcMade by SS
34Electronic track scales 2pcWith screen and printing device
35Control cabinet 7pc 
36Control cabinet box  pc 
37Wire and Cable   Buyer source
38Air compressor 1pc1 Cubic meter/ minute, with air tank, filter ect.
39Meat unloading station 1pcSize:1800*1500*800mm  ,made by SS
40Carcass decline Machine 1pc Used to transfer pig carcass from rail to cutting saw, size:2600*1200*600mm, power 2.2Kw.Frame is by 8% steel
41horizontal segment sawFDJ-001pc Used to cut pig carcass, frame is made by 7# steel, hot galvanized, our shell and blade are made by SS
42Single-layer belt conveyorL=12M2pc Coveyor belt is White Food grade belt, others are SS, Blet width 500mm.
44Segmentation Workbench 18pc Nylon talbe, size:800*500*800
45Rotary sorting station 1pc All made by SS, platform surface is made by anti-slide plastic board
46Packing table 6pcAll mad eby SS, Size:1800*900*800mm
47Control cabinet 4pcSealed and waterproof
48Wire and Cable,    
Installation materials; Beams, hangers, joints ect. 20ton, t
Installation cost: including salary,plus round ticket, accommodation, visa ect.



Pig Slaughterhouse Abattoir Butcher Equipment

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