Overseadia User Agreement

Release date:2022-03-06

Overseadia User Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is signed by " you" ( hereinafter referred to as "user") and Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. Various forms including website ( www.overseadia.com ) etc. (including new service forms arising from future technological developments).

From the date of release of this agreement, the " Overseadia User Service Agreement" referred to everywhere on the Overseadia platform refers to this agreement.

[Prudent reading]

You should read this agreement carefully before using Overseadia services. Please be sure to carefully read and fully understand the content of each clause, especially the clauses of exemption or limitation of liability, applicable laws and dispute resolution clauses. The terms of exemption or limitation of liability will be marked in bold and underlined, and you should read them emphatically. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can consult Overseadia customer service through [Contact Us] at the bottom of the page.

When you use Overseadia 's service functions, it means that you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the entire content of this agreement, and have reached an agreement with Overseadia to become a "user" of Overseadia .In the process of reading this agreement, if you do not agree with this agreement or any of its terms, you should immediately stop using any Overseadia service functions.

We will revise this Agreement according to changes in relevant laws and regulations, company operating conditions, business strategy adjustments, and software upgrades. The updated terms of the agreement will effectively replace the original terms of the agreement after they are announced, and you can use this service page to check the latest version of the terms of the agreement at any time. If you do not agree to the modification of the agreement, please stop using the software and services immediately. If you continue to use this service, you will be deemed to accept the modification of this agreement.

If you are a minor under the age of 14, it is recommended that you ask your guardian to read this agreement carefully, and use our products and/or services or provide us with information with the consent of your guardian. Before you start using our services, you should have the capacity for civil conduct appropriate to your behavior as stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If you do not have the aforementioned capacity for civil conduct appropriate to your behavior, you and your guardian shall bear all consequences arising therefrom in accordance with the law.

1. Definition

1.   Overseadia:  refers to the overseas version of a B2B vertical search engine , which aims to help users directly access product information on the entire network and reach a large number of high-quality merchants, including the Overseadia website ( www.overseadia.com ) on PC, wireless and APP client, etc.

2.   Overseadia service:  Overseadia is based on the Internet and provides various services to you in various forms including Overseadia website, Overseadia client, etc. (including new service forms emerging from future technological developments).

3.  Overseadia platform rules:  including all rules, interpretations, announcements, etc. that have been released and subsequently released in all Overseadia platform rules channels.

2. Scope of Agreement

1.   Contract subject

This agreement is jointly concluded by you and Overseadia , and this agreement has contractual effect on both you and Overseadia .

2.   Supplementary agreement

Due to the rapid development of the Internet, the terms of this agreement signed by you and Overseadia cannot fully list and cover all the rights and obligations between you and us, and the existing agreement cannot guarantee that it will fully meet the needs of future development. Therefore, all the rules in the Overseadia ( www.overseadia.com ) site are supplementary agreements to this agreement, which are inseparable from this agreement and have the same legal effect. If you use the service content of the Overseadia platform, you are deemed to agree to the above supplementary agreement.

3. Overseadia services and specifications

[Service Overview] You have the right to enjoy products and/or manufacturers' browsing, inquiry, consultation and other services on Overseadia . Overseadia provides many services, and you can log in to the Overseadia platform to browse for details.

1.  Browsing of products and/or manufacturers

When you browse the Overseadia website and client, Overseadia provides you with product classification, keyword search, filtering and other functions to better match your needs. You can browse the commodities and/or manufacturers you are interested in, and conduct further communication and online or offline transactions.

2.  Inquiry service

Overseadia platform supports user form inquiry and IM consultation

1)    Form inquiry can be used for whole network inquiry and designated inquiry

•    The whole network inquiry is based on the user's own procurement needs, and accurately matches the entire network merchants and/or service providers for inquiry. It can inquire about 10 commodities at the same time. When you enter the inquiry by clicking the "Entire Network Inquiry" button form or ticking "Allow Overseadia to distribute RFQs to more high-quality suppliers" in the form is deemed to agree that Overseadia will distribute your RFQ information to high-quality suppliers.

•    Designated inquiry is to designate merchants to conduct inquiries based on the user's procurement needs. When you enter the inquiry form through a product detail page and uncheck "Allow Overseadia to distribute inquiry forms to more high-quality suppliers", it is regarded as your Agree that Overseadia will distribute your inquiry information to the supplier of the product.

2)    IM consultation

When you are browsing the products and/or manufacturers you are interested in, you can communicate with the sellers in real time through the IM tool.

4. When you inquire or purchase goods/services on the Overseadia platform:

1)    Please be sure to carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, model, specification, size and other important matters of the purchased goods, and verify your contact address, phone number, consignee and other information when placing an order. If the consignee you fill out is not yourself, you will be responsible for the legal consequences of the consignee's behavior and expression of intention.

2)    You fully understand and agree that Overseadia is a commercial and trade information display platform, which is mainly oriented to business users rather than the consumer purchase market for consumers. Your inquiry and purchase behavior should be based on real trade needs, and there must be no enforcement of goods Malicious inquiry, procurement, malicious rights protection and other behaviors that disrupt the normal service order of the Overseadia platform. Based on the need to maintain the service order and service security of the Overseadia platform, once the Overseadia platform discovers the above situation, it can take the initiative to close the relevant corresponding service orders/transaction orders and other operations.

3)    trade restrictions

•    You undertake to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to import and export controls, trade restrictions and economic sanctions. If you violate the aforementioned commitments, the Overseadia platform may stop providing relevant services when discovering the above circumstances.

•    You need to ensure that you are not subject to trade restrictions, economic sanctions or other laws and regulations imposed by any country, region or international organization, and you have not directly or indirectly provided funds, goods or services to the aforementioned objects, otherwise you should stop using the Overseadia platform to provide At the same time, you understand that violation of the above requirements may cause you to be unable to register and use Overseadia services normally.

•    For the goods, services, software and technologies obtained through the Overseadia platform (including software and technology provided by the Overseadia platform), you undertake to abide by all applicable laws and regulations related to import and export controls, trade restrictions and economic sanctions. Based on the need to maintain service order and service security, if you violate the aforementioned commitments, Overseadia may take the initiative to close the relevant service order/transaction order and make account disposal operations when discovering the above situation.

5. Ways to handle transaction disputes

1)    You can conclude transactions with other users through the transaction methods supported by the Overseadia platform, and abide by the corresponding transaction and payment rules. You understand and agree that the Overseadia platform is only used as a place for users to find trading objects, negotiate on the transaction of goods or services, and obtain various trade-related services. The Overseadia platform will not participate in transactions between users, nor will it involve users The legal relationship and legal disputes arising from the transaction. Please note that Overseadia cannot control or guarantee the authenticity, legality, and accuracy of commercial information, nor can it control or guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of the items involved, and the parties to the relevant transactions will perform their duties under the trade agreement. capacity for various obligations. The Overseadia platform cannot and will not control whether the parties to the transaction can perform their obligations under the agreement. In addition, you should note that the risk of trading with people who act in fraudulent ways exists objectively. I hope that you will be cautious and verify carefully when using Overseadia 's services.

2)    When you have a dispute with other users during the use of Overseadia platform services, you or any other user has the right to choose the following methods to resolve:

(1)    Negotiate independently with the opposing party to the dispute;

(2)    Apply to the Overseadia platform for dispute resolution;

(3)    Request mediation from the Consumer Association or other legally established mediation organizations;

(4)    Complain to the relevant administrative department;

(5)    The arbitration agreement (if any) reached by the opposing party to the dispute shall be submitted to an arbitration institution for arbitration;

(6)    A lawsuit shall be filed in a people's court.

6. Cost

1)    Overseadia has paid a lot of costs for the services provided to you by the Overseadia platform. Except for the services explicitly charged by the Overseadia platform, the services provided to you by Overseadia are currently free of charge. If Overseadia charges you a reasonable fee in the future, Overseadia will take reasonable measures and pass the legal procedures in advance with a sufficient and reasonable time limit and notify you in the manner stipulated in Article 8 of this Agreement to ensure that you have the full right to choose.

All payable taxes, as well as related hardware, software, communication, network services and other expenses incurred by you for conducting transactions, obtaining paid services from Overseadia or accessing Overseadia servers, shall be borne by you.

7. Limitation of Liability

Overseadia performs the corresponding basic guarantee obligations in accordance with the law, but Overseadia does not assume the corresponding liability for breach of contract in the event of obstacles to contract performance, performance defects, performance delays, or changes in performance content caused by the following reasons:

(1)    Due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters, strikes, riots, wars, government actions, and judicial administrative orders;

(2)    Due to public service factors such as power supply failures and communication network failures or third - person factors;

In the case of good faith management, due to routine or emergency equipment and system maintenance, equipment and system failure, network information and data security and other factors.

Overseadia only provides you with services within the platform, and you understand that the information on the Overseadia platform is released by the merchants themselves, and there may be risks and flaws. The Overseadia team will try to protect your legal rights and good experience on the Overseadia platform by establishing relevant inspection and monitoring systems in accordance with the law. At the same time, in view of the fact that the Overseadia platform has a large amount of information and the separation of information and real objects in an information network environment, Overseadia cannot review the information of commodities and/or services one by one, and cannot review the quality, quality, and Safety and legality, authenticity and accuracy, you should judge carefully.If you find harmful information and behaviors, please contact Overseadia and give feedback in time, and Overseadia will deal with harmful information and behaviors in a timely manner.

8. Protection and authorization of user information

1.    Protection of personal information

1)    Protecting users' personal information is a basic principle of Overseadia, and Overseadia will take reasonable measures to protect users' personal information. Except for the circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations, Overseadia will not disclose the user's personal information to third parties without the user's permission. When you use the services provided by Overseadia , you agree that Overseadia collects, stores, uses, discloses and protects your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy published on the Overseadia platform. Overseadia adopts professional encrypted storage and transmission methods for relevant information to ensure the security of users' personal information.

2)    During the process of applying for this service, you need to fill in some necessary information. Please keep this information true, accurate, legal, and valid, and pay attention to updating it in time, so that Overseadia can provide you with timely and effective help, or better serve you. According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, please fill in your real identity information. If the information you fill in is incomplete or inaccurate, you may not be able to use this service or be restricted during use.

3)    Under normal circumstances, you can browse and modify the information you submit at any time, but for security and identification (such as account appeal service), you may not be able to modify the initial registration information and other verification information provided during registration.

4)    Overseadia will use various security technologies and procedures to establish a sound management system to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

5)    Without your consent, Overseadia will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual other than Overseadia, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

6)    Overseadia attaches great importance to the protection of personal information of minors. If you are a minor under the age of 18, you should obtain the written consent of your parent or legal guardian before using Overseadia 's services.

7)    You should fully respect the personal information of anyone including but not limited to other users that you know, receive or have access to through this service, and you should not collect, copy, store, disseminate or use it in any other way Personal information of other users, otherwise, the consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by you.

2.    Guarantee and authorization of non-personal information

You represent and warrant that you have corresponding and legal rights to the information you post. Otherwise, Overseadia may delete or block the information you posted according to law or in accordance with this agreement.

You should ensure that the information you post does not include the following:

(1)    Violating the prohibitive provisions of any related laws and regulations;

(2)    Political propaganda, feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or instigating crimes;

(3)    Fraudulent, false, inaccurate or misleading;

(4)    Infringe on the intellectual property rights of others or involve third-party business secrets and other proprietary rights;

(5)    Affecting the normal operation of any system on the Overseadia platform or obtaining unauthorized and secret access to the data of the Overseadia platform and other users, personal data, viruses, Trojan horses, reptiles and other malware, program codes;

(6)    Other violations of social public interests or public morals or basis The provisions of the relevant Overseadia platform agreement and rules are not suitable for publishing on the Overseadia platform.

9. User’s breach of contract and handling

1.    If any of the following situations occurs, it shall be deemed that you have breached the contract:

(1)    Violation of relevant laws and regulations when using Overseadia platform services;

(2)    Violation of this agreement or the supplementary agreement to this agreement (ie, Article 2.2 of this agreement).

In order to adapt to the development of the industry and meet the needs of mass users for efficient and high-quality services, you understand and agree that Overseadia may stipulate the procedures and standards for the determination of breach of contract in the Overseadia platform rules.

2.    Measures for breach of contract

[Information Processing] If the informationyou publish on the Overseadia platform constitutes a breach of contract, Overseadia can immediately delete and block the corresponding information according to the corresponding rules.

[Restrictions on Behavior]Your behavior on the Overseadia platform, or your behavior that has not been implemented on the Overseadia platform but has an impact on the Overseadia platform and its users constitutes a breach of contract.You may be subject to measures such as suspending some or all of the services provided to you in accordance with the corresponding rules. If your behavior constitutes a fundamental breach of contract, Overseadia may seal your account and terminate the provision of services to you.

[Announcement of Handling Result]Overseadia can publicize the information on the handling measures for your above-mentioned breach of contract and other illegal information confirmed by the effective legal documents of the national administrative or judicial authorities on the Overseadia platform.

3.    Liability for compensation

If your actions cause Overseadia and/or its affiliated companies to suffer losses (including their own direct economic losses, goodwill losses, and indirect economic losses such as compensation paid to external parties, settlement funds, attorney fees, and litigation costs), you should compensate Overseadia and/or its affiliates for all of the above losses.

If your actions cause Overseadia and/or its affiliated companies to suffer claims from a third party, Overseadia and/or its affiliated companies may recover from you for all losses after assuming obligations such as monetary payments to the third party.

10. Changes to the agreement

Overseadia may modify this Agreement and Supplementary Agreement from time to time in accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and the need to maintain transaction order and protect consumer rights. Eight ways to notify you.

Overseadia for feedback before the effective date of the changes . If the feedback is accepted, Overseadia will adjust the changes as appropriate.

Overseadia services from the effective date of the changes, and the changes will not be effective for you; if you continue to use Overseadia services after the changes take effect, It is deemed that you agree to the changes that have taken effect.

11. Notice

1.    When you register as a user of the Overseadia platform and accept Overseadia services, you should provide Overseadia with real and effective contact information (including your email address, contact number, contact address, etc.). It is obliged to update relevant information in a timely manner and maintain a state of being effectively contactable.

2.    The account you created when you registered as an Overseadia user is used to log in to the Overseadia platform to receive instant messages such as internal messages and system messages, and also serves as your effective contact method.

3.    Overseadia will send you various notices to one or some of the above contact methods, and the content of such notices may have a significant beneficial or adverse impact on your rights and obligations, please pay attention to them in time.

4.    You have the right to obtain commercial information such as product/service advertising information that you are interested in through the mobile phone number or email address you filled in when you registered.

5.    Overseadia will send you notifications through the above contact methods, including written notifications sent electronically, including but not limited to announcements on the Overseadia platform, sending text messages to the contact number you provided, and sending emails to the email address you provided. E-mails, system messages and in-site messages sent to your account are deemed to have been delivered after they are sent successfully; written notices sent in paper media are deemed to be delivered on the fifth natural day after mailing according to the contact address provided. service.

6.    For any disputes arising from trade activities on Overseadia, you agree that judicial authorities (including but not limited to people's courts) can serve you legal documents (including but not limited to ) limited to litigation documents). The mobile phone number, e-mail address and other contact information you designate to receive legal documents are the mobile phone number, e-mail address and other contact information you provided when you registered and updated on Overseadia, and the legal documents issued by the judicial authority to the above contact information are deemed to have been delivered. The mailing address you specify is your legal contact address or the valid contact address you provide.

7.    You agree that the judiciary can use one or more of the above delivery methods to serve legal documents to you, and the judicial authorities can use various methods to serve legal documents to you, and the delivery time is the first delivery method among the above delivery methods prevail.

8.    You agree that the above delivery method is applicable to each stage of judicial procedure. Such as entering into litigation procedures, including but not limited to first instance, second instance, retrial, enforcement and supervision procedures, etc.

9.    You should ensure that the contact information you provide is accurate, valid, and updated in real time. If the contact information provided is inaccurate, or the changed contact information is not notified in time, so that the legal documents cannot be delivered or are not delivered in time, you shall bear the possible legal consequences arising therefrom.

12. Termination of the Agreement

1.    Circumstances of termination

(1)    You violate this agreement, and Overseadia terminates this agreement according to the terms of the breach;

(2)    You misappropriate other people's accounts, publish prohibited information, defraud others of their property, sell fake products, disrupt market order, and take improper means to seek profits, etc., Overseadia terminates this agreement in accordance with the platform rules, and reserves the right to pursue your civil or criminal liability;

(3)    In addition to the above-mentioned circumstances, because you have repeatedly violated the relevant provisions of the Overseadia platform rules and the circumstances are serious, Overseadia will seal up your account in accordance with the platform rules

(4)    Your account is recalled by Overseadia in accordance with this agreement;

(5)    You commit fraud, publish counterfeit/infringing goods, infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, or other serious violations of the law on the Overseadia platform;

(6)    Others should Circumstances of Termination of Services.

2.    Processing after the termination of the agreement

[User Information Disclosure]After the termination of this Agreement, Overseadia is not obligated to disclose any information in your account to you or a third party you designate, except as clearly stipulated by law.

[ Overseadia 's rights] After the termination of this agreement, Overseadia still enjoys the following rights

(1)    Continue to save the various information listed in Article 5 of this agreement that you have left on the Overseadia platform;

(2)    For your past breaches of the contract, Overseadia can still pursue breach of contract liabilities against you in accordance with this agreement.

13. Application of Law, Jurisdiction and Others

[Applicable law] The conclusion, entry into force, interpretation, revision, supplement, termination, enforcement and dispute resolution of this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the mainland of the People's Republic of China; if there is no relevant provision in the law, business practices and/or industry practices shall be referred to.

[Jurisdiction]Any dispute arising from your use of Overseadia services and related to Overseadia services shall be settled by Overseadia through negotiation with you. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the the Primary People’s Court of Haidian District of Beijing Municipality.

[Severability] If any provision of this agreement is deemed to be abolished, invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed divisible and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this agreement.